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Affiliate marketing is of course involved in affiliate marketing. As a publisher, you can participate! We offer competitive compensation and access to all of our products.

Why choose Cameranu as an affiliate?

  • Highest conversion rate in the market
  • Lowest bounce rate
  • Highest time on site
  • Competitive compensation up until 7%
  • Access to all of our promotion materials
  • Biggest photo and video product range in the Netherlands
  • Highest customer satisfaction of photo and video shops with a 9.6 on Trustpilot and 9.1 on Kieskeurig
  • Leading photo and video specialist in the Netherlands
  • 100% service, competitive prices
  • Flexible and cooperative
  • Free sign up

How does it work?

Partnering with us is very simple. At Cameranu we believe in the values of having a large product range, excellent customer service and competitive prices. Having a strong affiliate program where we aim to build up long term relations with our affiliate partners is important to us.

  1. You promote Cameranu on your website
  2. Visitors click through to Cameranu
  3. Visitor places an order at Cameranu
  4. The order is registered in real time on Tradetracker
  5. Tradetracker pays out the order

How can I participate?

Sign up for Tradetracker. After signing up your application will be reviewed by Tradetracker and ourselves. When this is completed you can start promoting Cameranu!

  1. Sign up for free through Tradetracker
  2. Application review will be performed by Tradetracker and Cameranu
  3. Start promoting Cameranu

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Do you have questions about our program or do you need promotion materials? Please contact us through