Duration of repairs

It's very frustrating to receive a faulty product. In many cases it's possible to repair the faulty product. The duration of a repair depends on many factors. We generally expect a repair to take between 3 to 5 weeks, but depending on the damage it can take shorter or longer. While we work we keep you updated as much as possible about the status of the repair.

Status of repairs

We will always notify you by e-mail as soon as there are updates about the product you sent in for repair. Usually, this is with a frequency of once per week, or as soon as the repairer has more information. When repairing has finished and the product is returned to us we will send it to you free of cost. You also have the option pick up your product at one of our stores.


Following is a summary of a number of points regarding possible repair costs:

  • Costs associated with returning a faulty item are at your own expense.
  • Repairs within the guarantee term are sent to the repairer and returned back to you, both free of charge.
  • If you send us an item for repair outside the guarantee term, or if the item was not originally purchased from us, then we will need to pass on €20.00 of delivery/administration costs.
  • The guarantee will not provide cover if you have a fault which has been caused by external influences. We will discuss the associated costs with you. Please do keep the investigative costs in mind, which will amount to approximately €50.00 to €60.00 euros.
  • External influences can include: a fall, impact, the item getting trapped, water damage, unnecessary force, unprofessional use.
  • You will receive a 3 month repair guarantee after the repair. This concerns a guarantee for the repair which has just been carried out.
  • In case of returns, Cameranu will refund the purchase price to the customer within 30 days.