Hoe bestel ik?

Placing an order with Cameranu is done as follows:

1. Ordering the product

The stock information on our website is always correct and up to date. So, if it says an item is in stock, it will be in stock.

Click and order

When you click on the "Click and order" button, it will be reserved for you.

If you’re in any doubt: no problem, you haven’t committed to anything yet, you can always cancel your order free of charge at any time. Even when you completed the entire order! However, this is a good way of ensuring the product is still available if you want to pop into the shop or if you want to have the product sent out to you.

2. Shopping Cart

Once you add the product to the shopping cart, you can see your shopping cart is being filled. You can subsequently view your shopping cart or add more products.

When your order is complete, you click To checkout

In the shopping cart you have the option to add a coupon or discount code. You can add additional convenient accessories and choose a delivery option.

If you still wish to continue shopping you click Continue shopping

To finalize your order click Make order

3. Account or no account

Once you choose to complete your order, you can log in using your login name and password, providing you are a regular customer. Having an account means you won’t have to fill in your name and address-details everytime you wish to place an order.

In case you don't have an account, you can, if wanted so, register right away. Registering takes only a minute of your time! Having an account is particularly handy if you are planning to place another order with us in the future or if you want to be kept informed regarding our latest offers via our periodical newsletter.

If you have a different delivery address, for example your work address, then this is where you can enter the details.

4. Payment method

After filling in your address and information you choose your payment method by clicking Choose payment method

After entering your personal information and choosing your payment method you finalize your order by clicking To payment

By clicking this button you agree with our terms and conditions.

After payment you will receive a confirmation email within 5 minutes containing your order and personal information. Shopping at Cameranu is that easy!


On our website we always give clear information regarding the availability of our products. Stock status is being updated in real time, and therefore always accurate. You can see the stock status of a product below the shopping cart button on our category pages, and above the 'Add to shopping cart' button on our product pages.

These are the possible stock statuses:

Delivered tomorrow of In stock means that there is at least 1 item in stock. Please contact us if you would like to order multiple items, so we can check if we can fulfill your need, and confirm the expected delivery date.

Pre-order now means that a product is not available yet. Usually this is the case with new products that have been announced by the distributor, and are only available for pre-order. Pre-ordering is always free of charge, and without obligation to buy. You will be first in line to be notified when the product is in stock.

Temporarily sold out means that the product is currently not in stock, but is expected to be so in the future. If known we provide an estimated delivery time. If the delivery time is unknown you may contact us to inquire. You can order a sold out product after which we will keep you up to date about the delivery time. You will only be asked to pay once your order is complete.