We respect the privacy of all our website users and abide by the Data Protection Act. Any personal information you entrust us with will always remain confidential and will always be handled with the greatest of care.

We will not sell your personal details to third parties and will only make these details available to third parties if they are involved with the execution of your order, for example the delivery of your order.

You will always be able to access your personal details by sending a written request (via fax, letter or email) to Cameranu. Cameranu will subsequently provide you with an overview of your personal details held on file by Cameranu within 4 weeks.

If you are of the opinion that your personal details need to be improved, added to, removed or protected, as these are incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant for the above objective (see 10.2 constitution) or if they are contrary to a legal regulation, then you must notify Cameranu of this in writing (via fax, letter or email), indicating that your personal details must be improved, added to, removed or protected.

If you would like your personal details to be improved and/or added to, then you must also provide us with the improvements/additions to your personal details in your message. Cameranu will always immediately follow your instructions, unless Cameranu is unable to do so. In such cases Cameranu will remove your personal details from its database(s). Cameranu will instruct any possible third parties, who are in possession of your personal details, to also incorporate any possible changes, protection or removal of your personal details.


We use so-called cookies, in order to save products in your shopping basket and to enable you to log in.

Just like all other web shops, we use these cookies to see which pages on our website are visited and how intensively certain Cameranu sections are used. This data is purely used to ensure your visit to and time spent on our website is as pleasant as possible.

Veilig shoppen

Cameranu has built in SSL security in its web shop, in order to ensure you can shop on our website as safely as possible. SSL ensures the transactions are encrypted when sent across the internet. This SSL security doesn’t require any extra software. You can recognise a SSL connection by the “lock” symbol in your browser’s bottom status bar.


This statement is about our placement and reading of cookies. It is possible that we adjust this statement if new developments require it. We therefore recommend reading through this statement regularly.

When you visit our website we store cookies on your device. Cookies are small text files that are necessary for certain features on our website. Some of these features are the functioning of the shopping cart, or remembering your log-in information, but they are also used for showing advertisements.

Accepting cookies

We do not need your permission for placing and reading certain cookies. This is the case for cookies that are needed for the functionality of our website and analytical cookies that barely affect your privacy. For all other cookies we ask permission. You can give your permission by accepting our cookie banner or by simply continuing on our website.

It is also possible to removie our cookies. Below we provide an explanation on how to this for each web browser.

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Types of cookies

Cameranu places three different types of cookies, namely:

  • Functional cookies
  • Analytical cookies
  • Marketing cookies

Functional cookies

This cookie makes sure the website operates properly. The cookie takes care of logging into your account, remembering information so you won't have to fill out everything time and again, or which products you put in your shopping cart.

Analytical cooies

We use analytical cookies to research the use of our website. This data gives us insight into how many times our website is being visited and where we can improve our online shop.

Marketing cookies

With these cookies we can personalize advertisements. You will only see those ads that match your interests. Furthermore, we are able to see which advertisements have already been shown to you, so you won't see the same banners over and over again.

Below you will see an overview of the cookies we use place on our website

Functional Cookies
_cfduid We use this cookie to identify whether network traffic is trustworthy. This allows us to combat DDoS attacks.
PHPSESSID General session ID of your visit to our website. This makes the website remember what you placed in your shopping cart.
Analytical Cookies
_ga, _gat, _gid These cookies register your visit and provide us statistical data about how you use our website.
HotJar We use HotJar to see how visitors interact with our website.
Marketing Cookies
DoubleClick: IDE, test_cookie Doubleclick is used to log whether you have already certain advertisements.
Google: ads/ga-audiences, ads/user-list/#, NID With these cookies Google is able to calculate the chance that you make a purchase based on your user behavior on our website.
Rubiconproject: put_#, rpb, rpx, tap.php, khaos, c Rubicon logs which advertisements you clicked on with the purpose to optimize advertisements on websites within the same ad network.
Facebook: fr, tr These cookies see which products you are viewing. This way we can show you relevant advertisements. Without these cookies you will miss out on personalized offers.
Bing: MUID, MUIDB, _uetsid These cookies are being used on the Microsoft network. This allows us to show you relevant advertisements within the Microsoft network. id This cookie is used for showing personalized advertisements.

Third party cookies

Cookies from third parties are also placed on our website. If you do not consent to these cookies you can follow the instructions of the relevant third parties to remove them. The cookie and privacy statements of these third parties can be subject to change. Cameranu has no influence on this. We are also not liable for damages being caused by the actions of third parties. Below you will find the privacy statements of these parties. Hieronder vind je de privacyverklaringen van deze partijen.



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Please read our privacy statement if you would like to know which data of yours we process, for which purposes, how long we store data, how we protect your data, and your rights.