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Cooling off period

If for some reason you're not satisfied about your purchase you have the option of returning the product within 30 days of receipt. You can also notify us within the 30 days of your intent to return the product. You notify us by filling out our return form. As soon as we have received the form we will send you a confirmation with instructions and a return label. After notifying us you have 14 days to send us the return product.

The following items can’t be exchanged/returned:

  • Items whereby the seal of the supplied software has been broken.
  • Software of which the seal has been broken or the packaging has been opened, be it * installed or registered.
  • Items which can’t be exchanged for hygiene reasons, like ear plugs, headsets or headphones.
  • Items whereby the item itself or the accessories are damaged or incomplete.
  • Used consumables, like paper, ink, batteries, etc.
  • Products which are supplied with a special guarantee regulation from the factory itself.

Tip: make sure you extensively check/test your purchase during the first 30 days!

Right of withdrawal

  1. You can withdraw from an agreement to purchase a product during a reflection period of 30 days without having to provide a reason. Although you are not required, we would still appreciate you to let us know the reason for your return. This allows us to improve our service and help you better next time.
  2. The reflection period of 30 days starts at the moment your package has been delivered to your submitted delivery address.
  3. You cannot withdraw from services, such as repairs or sensor cleanings
  4. Withdrawing from an agreement is simple and fast. You may use our return form, or download the standard form for withdrawal
  5. You are only liable for depreciation of product value as a result of use that goes beyond the need to determine the nature, characteristics or functions of the product.