Exchanges & Returns

Warranty conditions

  1. All the items supplied by us come with a 2 year standard factory guarantee, unless indicated otherwise.
  2. If the item appears to be faulty during the first week following a purchase, then the item in question will be replaced free of charge, providing the item is in stock. (Tip: make sure you thoroughly check/test your purchase during that initial week).
  3. If the item appears to be faulty within the indicated guarantee term as a result of material and/or factory faults, then will either repair the item or replace it free of charge.
  4. Wrongful guarantee claims. If the product does not show any faults after it has been checked by the manufacturer, or if the fault has occurred as a result of a customer’s own negligence, then the investigative costs and delivery charges will be passed on to the customer.
  5. A repair or replacement will not result in a renewal and/or extension of the guarantee term.
  6. Liability for possible damage (in whatever form) caused by a faulty product is expressly ruled out (in accordance with the product liability law as covered by the product liability insurance taken out by
  7. No guarantee claim can be made if the product has been handled roughly or unprofessionally.
  8. If the LCD display contains less than three dead pixels, then this will not be covered by the guarantee. Also, cleaning of the sensors does not form a part of the guarantee.
  9. A faulty product must be offered back to with the original purchase invoice, a guarantee certificate if provided and the original packaging. It goes without saying that you also have the option of personally bringing the product back to us. Please make sure you complete the damage form on our website before coming to the shop or returning the product. is not responsible for any possible damage incurred during the transport back to
  10. Consumables, like batteries, cartridges, battery chargers and bags come with a six month factory guarantee.
  11. The postage costs for sending guarantee repairs back to or the manufacturer are at the sender’s expense. However, the costs for returning the item back to a Benelux customer is at’s expense.
  12. Repairs which are not covered by the guarantee and which are carried out at the customer’s expense, are sent back cash on delivery.
  13. Deliveries sent off to stating "postal charges for the recipient” will not be accepted by and will be returned to the sender.
  14. Legal guarantee conditions will also remain in force in addition to these guarantee conditions. A possible guarantee regulation offered by the company will not affect consumer rights regarding the law and the agreement. A possible guarantee provided by the manufacturer or importer will not affect consumer rights regarding the law, the agreement and the guarantee provided by the company.

Warranty period

All new products are subject to a standard 2 year warranty, unless indicated otherwise. Some suppliers may offer a longer guarantee term than the standard 2 years. If we have indicated this is the case, then this will definitely apply. The warranty period naturally does not affect your consumer rights.

Duration of repairs

It's very frustrating to receive a faulty product. In many cases it's possible to repair the faulty product. The duration of a repair depends on many factors. We generally expect a repair to take between 3 to 5 weeks, but depending on the damage it can take shorter or longer. While we work we keep you updated as much as possible about the status of the repair.


Following is a summary of a number of points regarding possible repair costs:

  • Costs associated with returning a faulty item are at your own expense.
  • Repairs within the guarantee term are sent to the repairer and returned back to you, both free of charge.
  • If you send us an item for repair outside the guarantee term, or if the item was not originally purchased from us, then we will need to pass on €20.00 of delivery/administration costs.
  • The guarantee will not provide cover if you have a fault which has been caused by external influences. We will discuss the associated costs with you. Please do keep the investigative costs in mind, which will amount to approximately €50.00 to €60.00 euros.
  • External influences can include: a fall, impact, the item getting trapped, water damage, unnecessary force, unprofessional use.
  • You will receive a 3 month repair guarantee after the repair. This concerns a guarantee for the repair which has just been carried out.
  • In case of returns, will refund the purchase price to the customer within 30 days.

Faulty upon receipt

If your product does not function properly upon receipt, you must contact our customer service as soon as possible. They will ensure the situation is quickly resolved. The item which isn't functioning (properly) must be returned to us in its original packaging and in its original complete state, whenever possible.

Cooling down period allows you to exchange or return an item within fourteen days of receipt. You will need to return the product to us within 14 days. We understand you want to assess the products purchased from at home before deciding whether or not you want to keep them. This is why we will allow you to unpack and try out the products you have bought online via to the same extent as you would if you were to buy them in the shop. You must inform our department before returning a product to us.
Please click HERE if you would like to return a product.

The following items can’t be exchanged/returned:

  • Items whereby the seal of the supplied software has been broken.
  • Software of which the seal has been broken or the packaging has been opened, be it * installed or registered.
  • Items which can’t be exchanged for hygiene reasons, like ear plugs, headsets or headphones.
  • Items whereby the item itself or the accessories are damaged or incomplete.
  • Used consumables, like paper, ink, batteries, etc.
  • Products which are supplied with a special guarantee regulation from the factory itself.

Tip: make sure you extensively check/test your purchase during the first 14 days!